• Grove Fall Class

  • Beach Class

  • Zombie Class

  • Ice Cream Bunny

    Here is the main reference picture for this DIY Set. All of the guidelines have been drawn for you. You can choose to do the little “peep” first o...
  • DIY Turkey

  • Pumpkin Bear DIY

    add a double line here. So pipe a line on top of the other line. This creates a higher dam for the icing to show separation.  I add lines ...
  • Fall DIY Kit

    add a double line. Add a white line on top of the original line. This helps create a dam for the icing so you can still see the...
  • Halloween frog DIY Kit

    adding in the lines helps prevent cratering
  • Birthday DIY Kit

  • 4th of July DIY Set

    Mark the center of the cookie with the scribe tool.  Fill in one section at a time. Drop in the white polka dots right...
  • Emoji Cookie Kit

  • Pizza Kit